Prof. Jane Applegate Phd.

The pupil should be in the school before the first bell at 8.45 a.m.

Late comers will not be allowed to enter the class without the written permission from the principal.

All pupil should attend the school punctually and regularly. No pupil shall absent himself/ herself without obtaining permission from the principal in case of illness or any other unexpected reasons, leave letter should be produced on the day of attending the school.

Students are responsible for their own articles like books, lunch boxes, water bottles, pencil boxes, etc.

School uniform is compulsory for every child. Pupil should come to school in neat and tidy full uniform inside the school premises.

Msr.MANGALAM Mohan - Trustee, victory Educational Trust

Prof. Jane Applegate Phd.

Children should speak only in English in the School premises.

The progress report should be duly signed by the parent on the open day and hand it over to the class teacher.

The pupil should not wear jewels in the school.

The pupil must bring lunch along them and not to go out for this purpose.

Students should not loiter outside the classroom while the school is in session.

Students should enter home assignments in the diary regularly and do the work.

Mr.JAYAKUMAR- Secretary

Prof. Jane Applegate Phd.

The corrections and suggestions of the teacher should be strictly followed.

If anything belonging to the school or any other student’s is found, it should be handed over

To the staff in the office.

Students should be regular in attending the school assembly and discipline should be strictly adhered.

Perfect discipline should be maintained in the school.

They should move in an orderly manner when they go to the playground, lab and computer room.

The Students should help in keeping their class rooms clean.